Rescue Journal

updates and bake sale.

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2014

moose is settling in ok...he is a pretty sweet dog.

tristie went home with dawne as a foster today...sadly dawne lost her own 16 year old cat to heart disease and she thought max-cat would like some company. so sorry for your loss dawne and thank you so much for opening up your heart to tristie...she is one of my favorite besties.

marin was puking her gutz out yesterday for no known reason, she seems better.

murphy puked up his giant wad of red cloth today so that was good news.

kianna (foster dog with jen) came by for a visit...she looks 100% better than when she first arrived.

barn bedtime went ok tonight but i freaking hate the time change. so stressful trying to rush home from work to beat the dark so i can get them all to bed safely with even just a little bit of light.

i popped in to see katy today and drop off some more feed for her and met kevin there to introduce them. katy looks great mo! great job on brushing her out!!! kevin will also go to spend some time with her..katy likes company and we do not want her to feel lonely.

andi is going into boundary bay for an ultra sound..the vet thinks there may be an underlying cancer and that may be why she is not popping back up as she should be with treatment.

laura is getting busy with the bake sale stuff for the end of this month at the mission bank of nova scotia. she has a great poster that hopefully ali will put on the events page, the blog and facebook really soon so we can start promoting baking, buying and eating the good stuff while helping to cover the climbing vet bills for our old and wrecked guys.



No Tristie time on Sunday for me. I will miss my one on one time with her :=( Obviously one of my favorites as well. Good to hear Moose is settling in too