Rescue Journal

boggling brain

Carol  ·  Nov. 13, 2014

gawd! there is so much stuff to consider each day in rescue...its not just about each individual animal in our care. it is about conglobulations of stuff... vet bills, payroll, utility bills, empty bank accounts and money that flows out faster than it flows in, tank heaters for chilly turtles, cage bottoms for birds who have abandoned the perches, old wrecked turkeys who need to come inside for winter, bonding up bunnies to free up an indoor turkey pen, encouraging cats to give up their transitional cages and fully join with their group, med changes, the formulation of treatment plans with the staff and discussions of medical care plans with the vets, fosters with sick animals, fosters going away, follow ups with previous or potential adopters, gravel/ bark mulch for the muddy areas, shavings needed for the bunnies and barn, dehumidifiers to keep the moisture from the wet cold weather inside the animal areas down, there are poop scooper buckets that got filled up without a bag inside that the poop pick up guy won't touch, there are furnaces that just quit working, cell phone accounts that need to be cancelled and others that need to be paid, there are all kinds of difficult and uncomfortable conversations, sometimes several all in the very same day, frustrated dogs who are suddenly acting out for no apparent reason, except you know they are probably not getting enough exercise and are getting shut in for too long sometimes during the really bad weather days, there are misunderstandings, miscommunications, arguments, politics, unrealistic expectations laid at your feet, teaching, educating, trying to hide away for just a few quiet no brain required minutes, CONSTANT cell phones ringing, or emails and texts coming in and mooses and gilligans who bark for no reason but seem to do it the most when you are close to going insane.

it is the overwhelming magnitude of all the little tiny bits of info and great big giant pieces and a hundred big and small decisions to make or important or trivial questions/concerns to be answered/considered that can totally fry my overdone brain.

i love rescue, but it is not often an easy rescue day. thank god we have great staff and volunteers who minimize much of this stuff for me or i would be cracking my head against the sidewalk totally bat shit crazy insane.

in any is a job. maybe one i don't get paid for but a job that i agreed to do none the less. and i know it behooves me to try to be more patient, to try to stretch my understanding beyond what i happen to be feeling on any particular not all that fun rescue day.

god give me the strength to change what can be changed.
the patience to accept what cannot be changed.
and the wisdom to know the difference.
(or however exactly that simple prayer really goes...for now? this is close enough to suit me and my boggling brain drain today.)



Curt....she is at my house and doing very well. I call her spicy ....she's got lots of personality and isn't afraid to let me know when and how she wants things done.
She was up on the stove the other day helping herself to my food that I had taken out of the oven and enjoys sleeping on me (not beside me) and does not appreciate if I move around.

I hope to have years of fun with her....


I often forget that I'm not the only person trying to get hold of you!!
I think I would throw my phone out the window if it rang as much as yours.