Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2014

massive migraine today....ugh...that totally sucked.

but life went on...

gilligan had the first vet appointment to get his eye sutures out. looks to me like the entropian surgery was a full success. now if we can get him to be less afraid of car rides...he will be ready for adoption. he was an excellent dog at the vets...very polite and easy.

moose had the noon appointment (we could not take them together because they do not like each other and can't go into the same car.) the vet said he is at least 30 pounds underweight, has long term chronic ear infections that have caused calcifications of the canals, he has inflamed eyes and very suspicious masses on his rectum and the base of his tail. he goes back in a couple of weeks to recheck eyes and ears. if he starts putting on weight we can look at surgery to remove the masses and do his neuter at the same time. moose was also a very good dog at the clinic except after his ear cleaning he kept shaking his head and spewing all kinds of grossness around, on the walls of the clinic and on the way home, on the back of my head..yuck. it is ok tho no major damage done, even if it was pretty damn gross..i had a hot bath and washed my hair once i was home.

while we were there the vet told me foster remmy will need surgery to remove the sudden appearence of a very large and worrisome growth on her chest. she is 11 yrs old now which is quite elderly for a boxer...but her blood work is normal, her heart seems fine and her over all health is good so i said to go ahead because she still does have a very good quality of life.

agnes is finally cleared for surgery...she goes in late next week.

oscar the grouch was at the vets for a sedated grooming and a full check up...he has to be sedated because he is such a violent ass. he has bad skin, bad ears and needs a dental. apparently he still managed to bite one of the techs even under full sedation. way to go groucho.

we have decided to send teek for a contrast CT scan for a really close look at of her urinary system..this will cost about $1200 but i think given the risks of the surgery, it is better to make sure we have all of the best information before i make a final decision.

leila came and worked with tia again..she and i both think tia is brilliant. gilligan got a pass on scary car therapy because he did have a bit of a rough day today. it is so great that leila is coming to help these two dogs..they are both young, they are both great and they both need a bit of extra help to get them ready for finding a home and being able to comfortably move on past saints.

max cat had to come fault entirely..i did not realize he was a truly dedicated and passionate sprayer..since i live with him..i should have known that about him. not sure how that slipped past me but it did.

agnes has become a bed buddy..both she and i are happy about this. however it means that entire room needs to be on her special diet which will be expensive. johanna's chi's are coming tomorrow for a couple of weeks. not sure if squeaky will be with them... apparently she took very ill today and is in at the vets. since the medical room is so full and i really did not want them isolated up in the suite...they will be taking over agnes' spot in the house laundry area where i will be able to spend more time with them.

bunny bonding was an epic fail. but renee took one of the larger pens and put a fence in to make it fit two sets of bunnies so crosby could have a winter indoor home.

looks like we have a lot of big vet bills on the near horizon...good thing xmas is coming because most of them need some kind of expensive surgeries. in the big scheme of things, life saving surgeries are better for them than prettily wrapped presents.

back to work tomorrow and since this place has driven me over the edge for the past couple of days...i am actually quite happy to return to a saner world..i just hope i can show up in the morning minus the headache.


laura b

with the thought of big vet bills ahead brings to the forefront our Scotiabank Bake Sale.....we really need to take advantage of Scotiabank matching having lots of baking to sell and $$ donations $$(think double up) is key. Can anyone who is baking please email me so I can get a read on numbers.( The animals need this to be a successful fundraiser!!!