Rescue Journal

pretty crappy day at saints today..glad i was at work.

Carol  ·  Nov. 18, 2014

it is always hard not having water...and it is always hard having workmen around trying to fix water problem...and it is always hard swallowing the $700 bill to repair the burnt out pump and the water leaks that cause the pump to burn out.

whatever...we are thankful that we have water again now.

more importantly...

gilbert has a swollen and sore leg.
ellie has a sore foot.
the vets are coming tomorrow to check them both out.

max-cat had to be rushed to the vet...looks like unbeknownest to us, he was brewing a deep and nasty abcess since his dental a few weeks ago. it blew this morning and hence the immediate trip to the vet to get it cleaned up and started on antibiotics. poor max..he has had a rough time of it lately.

not sure why agnes has suddenly decided to be a hag to the other dogs today but for some reason she did. maybe there was just too much going on around here today..i hope that was all it is.

apparently phoebe was also a hag today but then that is nothing new for her.

well..i rushed home from work and grabbed max from the vets. i loaded 200 pounds of feed/hay cubes in my car to drop off at the stable for katie's refill tomorrow and i still have to hit the feed store on my break to pick her up some cool calories because we want to at least maintain..or hopefully up her weight. because she can only eat soaked hay cubes and grain is hard to get enough calories into her. she is currently being fed large amountsfour times a day. i don't think we can get any more actual volume in her so it is time to bring out the big guns and add cool calories to what she gets.

anyway, that is today in a that we have water...i can go and have a hot bath.



i thought Erin was going to run out the front gate never to return when i popped in today! Happy the water started flowing eventually!

And i met Moose today, he is so lovely and way bigger than he looks in the photos, his head is enormous! i'm so happy he made it to saints!