Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2014

ok, i am on the back in commission but not too happy about it. it is the hard drive on the computer that is is in for repairs.

jen mc, her dad and diana did pictures with santa and the saints animals today. i only saw mika at her photo shoot and she was glad i came to get her for the evening run..i don't think she is all that too fond of photo ops...the whole santa thing is not cool for a husky queen. i did hear however that moose loved it all...he cuddled right up next to santa and went to sleep. gilligan was a bit of a moron...he thought santa's suit was a giant stuffy to play with and poor little max was so relaxed in santa's arms that he forgot where he was and pooped on santa;s nice red suit. oh well..what can i say..they are rescued dogs?

i spent last night envisioning various ways to kill little buddy. i was awake almost all night anyway because of buddy's night long fussy screams. that dog's voice is like finger nails on a chalk board....SUPER irritating. the shrieking bastard wanted to come to bed with me but no way cuz he is a dick with the other bed buddies..and so i had to listen to him scream.

i had a ton of errands to get done today..i got to most of them so that was good. apparently the vet clinic has nicknamed agnes' "the screaming goat" but then they haven't heard buddy. agnes' unworldly gargoyle-like screams are kind of funny...buddy's screaming is annoying in the EXTREME.

ok..not having fun on the laptop so blogging is done.