Rescue Journal

lots of updates and i suck.

Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2014

sydney was at the vets yesterday for a check up and bloodwork because she has been a bit low for the past few days. she has some kind of infection somewhere and so has been given antibiotics and her thyroid disease is not well controlled right now necessitating an increase in her meds. hopefully she will soon be feeling better.

zues is in the early stages of renal disease. but at least his heart checked out ok.

rio has started his cushings testing.

teek has her surgical consult at boundry bay on dec the 11th.

agnes had her bandage change and re-check today...while her skin is still a bit crappy..she is healing up ok.

poor sweet grace most likely has a tumor in behind her eye. she is on a new pain control regime and is now palliative care.

new cat in...16 yr old myrna..has a mass on her shoulder and needs significant dental work. she is a cruelty seizure. she is a real cuddly, sweet cat. she is starting out in the mp cat area..not sure if she will stay there yet.

there are quite a few pending inquiries on quite a few of our saints...we are currently working thru them and will let you know who gets their dreams to come true with a new home for christmas.

and now....i screwed up.....

wilbur the pig suddenly had a sore foot or leg on saturday afternoon. you can't really examine an uncooperative 700 pound pig so to a certain extent it is using common sense and guess work. to me the reasonable possibilities were...a sprain, a strain, maybe an abcess..possibly an over grown hoof..highly unlikely but the possibility exists it could also be a cancer of the bone. so to me the reasonable thing to do was A.give him some pain meds/anti-inflammatories and B watch him closely for any kind of improvement..knowing it might take a few days of meds and rest because injuries do take time to heal.

well it did not get better and getting the vets out to look at his leg/foot was not going to be easy either because 700 pound pigs are not cooperative AND wilbur can be a bit of a jerk. i was thinking the only way they were going to be able to give him a decent exam was going to include having to sedate him and sedating a pig is never easy nor is it all that safe. pigs are funny about sedations..sometimes they do not react really well.

the vets were coming today to see him and i was worried about how they were going to look at his foot without sedation and without any person getting hurt. so i thought maybe if that uncooperative and somewhat of a jerk 700 pound pig had his face in a giant bowl of endless super solid gold treats..maybe the vet could sneak in a peek. i made up a big bowl of grapes, chocochip cookies, brownies and cheerios...kevin told me it was successful..the vet had time to have a look, identify the problem and fix it before wilbur finished eating and got too pissed off....YAY.

i could sit here and tell you how smart i am except i am pretty damn stupid. that poor pig should have seen the vet on monday...not on wednesday because it was not a sprain or a strain that would heal with rest and meds, it was not an abcess that vets probably would just leave to burst on its own. it was not an overgrown hoof that would require sedation to cut back out of the way and it certainly was not cancer....

that poor pig had a god damn screw stuck in his foot. and this never even occurred to me.

so sorry wilbur..i totally suck. glad the vet got it out and hope your foot feels better and i should have had the vet out sooner.

you can have a bunch more treats so please cooperate with your epsom salt foot soaks.



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Oh I hope Sydney feels better soon. My cat, Teesha has hyperthyroidism as well and she tends to waffle on her numbers. I take her in every 3 months or so to have a check up. I am always either increasing or decreasing her meds. Give Sydney a cuddle for me!


Same thing happened to me Carol with my horse only it was a nail. I had picked out his feet when the stupid nail was IN his foot and didn't notice. I called the vet when I saw some puss coming out of the back of his hoof. Imagine how stupid I felt when the vet picked up his foot and said, "oh here's the problem, a nail in his foot!" I wore my glasses all the time picking out his feet after stupid, I felt terrible that I didn't see the nail.This injury was a lot of work for him, bandaging, soaking for two weeks. He was older and didn't like to lift up his back feet for long so it was very difficult but we got it done and it healed up well.


Carol... why would you even think of a screw in the foot?
that's the most unlikely thing i could ever dream of at SAINTs!
please don't kick yourself. point is, you noticed, vet saw it, and with his soaks, it'll heal.
so, it happened. Wilbur isn't holding a grudge against you. he got treats, attention, and got a sore spot taken care of.
you're not omniscient. no one is.