Rescue Journal

pretty freaking good day!

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2014

tia had a quick visit with me at her new home. it went really well. we are going slow with this transition because tia is a very sensitive little soul.

both sydney and gracie are chowing down like true champs tonight so i am really happy about that!

the lady who literally rescued moose off the street came to visit today...she and her partner are super nice folks and moose was very happy to see them again.

brandi has gone home as a foster with our so kind grooming volunteer ann. she is joining remmy, her other saints foster and i think together they will be a very good match. remmy just had a really tough surgery to remove a nasty tumor. brandi will be a nice and quiet and really well behaved addition while remmy recovers from her surgery.

theya will be going home with volunteer shelagh this week and joining her saints molly in a great home...theya is going to be so over the moon happy.

from all reports murphy is doing really well with lynne in her home. yay for murph...he will be so much happier in a quieter, spoil the dogs rotten kind of home.

tinsel, our little diabetic cat was adopted today...her mom was going to bring her home next week but changed her mind and came and got her tonight. this super nice lady already has a diabetic cat so is well versed in caring for diabetic cats.

we have had 3 new additions in the past 24 hours...coda-bear came in last pm..she is a cruelty seizure for medical neglect. codi is a tiny little yorkie without any hair. she also got herself red zoned at the shelter for snapping at folks. i was holding her today and forgot myself for a second and went to kiss her head. good thing i have good reflexes cuz she snapped empty air and not my face!

mission animal control sent us a little unclaimed is japanese chin with a mammary tumor. she is a sweet little dog. and they sent us another unclaimed stray who happens to be a fairly large goat. apparently mable was wandering a rural neighborhood, snacking off the flowers and plants on the neighborhood decks. one enterprising lady wrote,,,"keep your goat at home"....but maybe, mable couldn't find her way home. anyway, animal control was called and while they have kindly held her for the past couple of one ever appeared looking for their lost goat and so mable is joining us here.

soooo..some of our guys have been lucky enough to find really good homes, some of our new guys were lucky enough to find a safe spot here...and all of us are pretty damn lucky that the bake sale was such a success.

it was a pretty damn good day.



Wow, nice to hear more good news - I'm so happy for Brandi, and here's hoping Tia lucks out too -that would be so great for her. What kind of a name is Coda Bear for a yorkie? What area is she in the house -and Cricket? Looking forward to meeting them tomorrow.

Kim Howcroft

Yes, Carol and the Saints team a pretty freakin good day to visit you and see all the animals and meet you all.
We didn't really know what to expect on our tour today, but man we were blown away. The positive energy, the calm demeanour,and the warmth coming from the animals, staff and volunteers in the farm on a chilly day was infectious. So many animals with sad stories, but the stories don't matter when you meet them because the past is in the past and those lucky enough to be at Saints have a very safe and loved future. To see how happy and content they are is food for the soul. Pigs in blankets ( literally), goats initiating a new a new tribe member, a turkey who made it thru thanksgiving, not to mention a couple of new residents adapting to a new life. Man, are they going to to be surprised how their life will change. Lastly to see how Moose is flourishing ,I am stuck for words. Thank you for what you do.we felt like we had an hour long group hug. we are in awe. ❤Kim and John