Rescue Journal

another rescue night done

Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2014

codi is a bit of a grumpy bed bunny...she gets mad at me when i move. i stuck her behind my knees under a blanket in jerry's grumpy bunny zone...that way only one side of me gets bit and not two.

agnes was plaqued by horrific gas last night...she did not care. but since her butt was right next to my pillow i did care. those were without a doubt the foulest smells i have ever had the misfortune to encounter. since no gas masks were available, i finally put on a sweatshirt and slept with my head in the hood.

cricket managed really well last night...such a very sweet little girl.

i am worried that the goats continued to give mable a hard time...they all have horns and she does not which makes the head butting totally unfair. i swear to god, gilbert is the only civilized goat on the planet with new guys..the rest are all butt-heads.

that big dog room is way too cold in there..i tried to do some weather proofing yesterday but it did not help at all. plus i think the heater in my bedroom is toast so all of us froze. i will go and pick up a couple of more heaters to try to raise the inside temperature. it is really cold up here!

well i guess i better get moving...still have quite a few things to get done before i head back to work for another pretty tough week. nursing workload has its peaks and valleys and this time of the year it is always really heavy.



Yes, I almost got mixed up with the two SAINTS on the Aviva Community Fund voting.


Voting in the Semi Finals of the Aviva Community Fund starts today. One vote per day.

Just make sure that you are voting for the right SAINTS because there is a S.A.I.N.T.S. in Ontario as well.


i wonder if those new supposed miracle pills (the ones that turn gas stench into the scent of chocolate) would work for animals?
(i did check snopes to see if this was fake... it seems not!)


Thanks Brenda - I didn't make them my mom made the pastry and Leila made the filling.


Sheila and Leila: Carol shared her samosas with me today Wow, they were delicious - the best I've ever tasted.
Also, Cricket is so sweet, and Codi Bear loved being held and cuddled today - no bites, but I refrained from kissing her head! I really like them both.

Carly Fournier

Thank you to whom ever made the carmalized popcorn :) I enjoyed it :)