Rescue Journal

what a freaking relief!!!!!

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2014

agnes got her sutures and staples out yesterday which meant not only could she go back on her steroids but she could finally go back to her daily baths too. what a relief...she felt so much better, no tearing holes in herself, no scratching herself to shit despite 4 times a day Benadryl. she slept well all night...she was again comfortable. I swear all of us were over the edge witnessing her distress over the past couple of weeks since her surgery. if it was that bad for us seeing her like that, it must have been a thousand times worse for her living it. thank god we can move forward again with her.
uncontrolled skin dogs are the absolute worse dogs to care for in rescue.
anyway the plan for her now is to let her skin settle back down and then slowly wean her off the steroids and on to atopecia which is long term safer for her. I love this ugly, gargoyle little dog and I want her on an effective long term skin wellness program so my heart can be broken when we finally find the perfect home for her.

so coda-bear is a bit of a beast...she is another one who snarls and snaps at me when I move during sleeping. jerry on the left of me...codi on the right...stuck in the middle of 2 grumpy beasts.

speaking of about heart melting 18 yr old demented dick heads...
when I did bravely turn over during the night, I was awake enough to warn him with a belly rub before I actually moved. he got up and rubbed his face all over my chest and then snuggled in his little demented head tucked sweetly under my chin and went back to sleep again. it really pisses me off when he bites me (because it HURTS!) but man oh man..when he is a sweet..i just adore him.

big day lots to do before we get to party. looking forward to seeing all the human saints folks minus the distractions of our crippled crew.

oh a big thx to sam and dianna for helping me re-set my computer so I can actually use it...I really am not a fan of the laptop..glad to finally be off it for good!