Rescue Journal

so sorry ann and alison..i was too tired the night of the party and marvin wiped everything out of my mind yesterday...brenda says it well below....

Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2014

On a completely different note: A belated thankyou to Ann for arranging and organizing the Christmas dinner and get together for the Saints volunteers and staff on Sunday night. The venue was lovely – food was delicious, and the Secret Santa part was fun – even tho I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of “stealing” gifts. Who did finally end up with the duck wine holder?? Penny I think. It was great to see so many folks there. Sorry I had to leave before the picture taking but I had a long drive home. –Thank you to Allison (Ann’s daughter) as well. Nice job.

from was a great party! perfect venue, great food...tons of fun...thank you so much!!!


laura b

yes it was a great get together with so many people who care about Saints...... also once you got into my spirit of gift "stealing" some laughs were had.....i will make sure it is better planned next Christmas. Thanks again Ann & Allison for all your work :-)


I agree with Brenda, great party, lots of fun! Thank you Ann & Allison - it must have been a lot of work to organize. Much appreciated. And yes, I did end up with the duck wine holder - very happy with it. Sorry KO and Priscilla - am I forgiven?