Rescue Journal

it took forever to get thru bedtime tonight

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2014

I was on and off the phone with kevin and the vet trying to figure out his meds because the label had worn off one of them and I wasn't giving anything that I wasn't sure I should be giving and trying to put a new plan of care in place...wilburs foot looks awful tonight. so the vet said just to keep up what we are doing over the weekend and on Monday they would come, knock him out, xray that foot to make sure there is no bone infection or joint involvement and then possibly debride it to clean the dead tissue out. there is no way it can heal the way it is now.
anyway...I can only do so many things at one time and it took much longer than usual to get everyone in and settled and fed. I ended up running the dogs in the dark which totally sucked because I could not see them or what they were up to and that whole group of young and stupid dogs need to be watched like a hawk or they were just as likely to swoop on by, knock me down and take me out..i am far too old to bounce easily back from a 50 or 100 pound high speed hit and run fly by.

eventually everyone was done and I still had time to take Oscar the grouch out for a quick walk. that dog is so stupid not letting the volunteers walk him and turning into a raving maniac when they try...he is continent so he has to hold on to a full bladder and bowel until he can have me and that means he sometimes has to wait for a very long time. I said to him would be so much nicer for him if he could just try to be a little bit friendly when someone offers to take him for a walk instead of becoming a screaming and slavering banchee.
he just ignored me and had a VERY long pee.

I think I may have bandaged moose's tail too tight..i think I better try to do it again.

I talked to the vet about aggie and we have put her back on antibiotics again...if she is not better in a couple of days, he wants me to bring her in.
cricket is feeling quite a bit of post surgical discomfort so I am staying on top of her pain meds today.
tia's possible home is on hold..the landlord has decided not to give written permission. the potentials are talking about moving to a more dog friendly home but in the meantime, tia is once again available for adoption.

there are a couple of applicants for both moose and diesel..i will try to call them tomorrow if I have time. I am too brain dead to try to do interviews on the phone tonight.
and that is all of the saintly news, meds are done, everyone has been out for a pee..just moose's dressing left to fix and then I an off to bed..i should be doing a load of my own laundry..but I don't feel like it tonight...I am feeling a wee bit lazy.