Rescue Journal

morning musings

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2014

ok so shep's bed wasn't such a big deal...apparently the sucker had a zipper which someone smarter than me figured out...hey it was like 2 am, I was awake enough for the problem..but not enough for the solution. duh.

yesterday was one of those disorganized mind days..not sure what I did do or forgot to get done. well that's not true...I know I got the real important stuff done, like wilburs meds...its the details I am not so sure did I close the feed shed door and why is his med syringe still in my pocket and not out in the feed room where it belongs???

I have far too many velcro'd bed buddies stuck on to me in the night sucks being cemented in place.

I did have one major heart attack during the night...some furry body was squished up tight to my chest. I slip my hands over body and fur and figured out it was tina pretty quick. I was sleepily trying to decide which way she was facing as my hand travelled up the length of her. when I finally found the end that held her head..i realized her head was under my pillow and I was laying on it. OMG! I could have suffocated her!!!

I like dogs who are polite enough and mobile enough to get off of the bed before they puke. luckily kobi is one of those but once he was done, he could not get back up on his own because he is totally clueless about the up part of bed stairs.

well..i better go, three more shifts this set then I can sit here and do nothing but quietly muse for another hour or two.