Rescue Journal

all i want for christmas...

Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2014

the vet came out today to see Wilbur...he upped his antibiotics gave him a 24 hour pain injection and will be back tomorrow to knock Wilbur out and xray that foot. I have already arranged to go into work late tomorrow so I can be here in case any decisions have to be made. I stopped in to visit him on my lunch break today and Wilbur said he just wants to feel better. he really is a very sweet pig and I am so very sorry his foot is giving him such pain.
praying there is no bone infection in there.

moose is being adopted by the lovely folks who originally rescued him off of the street. he goes in for his neuter and tumor removals this week so should be healed and ready to go early in the new year. yay moose!

jimmy (the sweet, little, spca seized chi) goes to his new home with johanna in a couple of weeks. yay jimmy!

I don't know how many remember lola...she was the little black phoebe look a like that came up from LA with an aggressive mammary cancer. she passed away the other day in her adoptive home of almost 4 years with ian and mary who loved her more than I can say. ian and mary are looking to give another homeless one the home of his or her dreams and if the right one is may be one of our saints. in any case, a saints dog or another...any homeless dog will have won the lottery when he or she walks thru their door.
our deepest condolences to ian and mary for their loss of lola and our greatest thanks for giving her a home of her own.

welcoming home the discarded, unwanted and homeless is truly a wonderous thing. if I had one wish for Christmas, it would be that all of our guys were lucky enough to receive this greatest of gifts.

oh....wait...I changed my mind.... I would wish for two things...a home for everyone here and that Wilbur's foot stops hurting.

happy adoption update on jake...he is doing great!

and he looks pretty damn comfortable too!



We are so excited to have Moose join our family. We are hoping his surgeries go well and he heals up fast. He has a great life waiting for him with John and I and two golden retriever brothers. Thank you Carol and everyone at Saints for taking such good care of him and allowing us to give him his forever home. We will be coming to see him on Sunday, already excited to see him. The best Xmas gift ever ❤️


I'm so glad he is going home with you Johanna. I have been spending lots of time cuddling him on the weekends. He is such a sweetheart, and you will be perfect for him! Thank you


Michael, Lizzy and I are all looking forward to having Jimmy
join our little Chihuahua family. Thank you so much Carol for letting us adopt him. We promise we will give him the best possible life. We will be up to Saints on the morning of December 28th to pick him up and to bring him to his forever home.

All the best, Carol to you and to everyone at Saints for a very Happy Christmas and a good 2015.

Thank you for everything that you do.

lynne arnason

except for wilbur such good news. i remember lola and am very sorry to hear of her passing. but she had a great home and who could ask for more. glad to hear about moose and the little chi. moose is lovely so happy for him.


I think the article on dog gifts is what Cathy is referring to. Go right to the bottom and SAINTS is mentioned as a place to give donation to as a Christmas gift.


Cathy I just went out & bought the Vancouver Sun... I can't find anything... can you say what section & page... I must be blind... good article on dogs gifts on is section d though :-)

Oh Yea... Love the photo of Jake...very happy he is doing well. such a great Beagle.

laura b

thanks for the pic of Jake....he looks very content!
thanks Johanna for opening your heart once again to another Saint!
thanks to the couple adopting Moose...I met them on a tour last weekend... good people and you could tell Moose had worked is way into their hearts...good dog!
I agree with Mo.....keep the love flowing :-)


RIP sweet Lola.. lots of us remember you & always will. So Sorry Ian & Mary, it really does take a special kind of people to take home a senior, let alone a senior with serious health issues and give them the greatest gift of all...unconditional love and a real home. Thank Dog there are people like you in this world.

Yea for Moose & Yea for Jimmy !!! More special people , it's like the love is spreading , keep it going :-)

Most of all, I really want Wilbur to feel better, when a pig looks you in the eye & says " I'm hurting " you feel it all the way into your soul. Praying for good news , please.


Condolences to Ian and Mary - I remember Lola well - nice dog.. So happy for Moose; he's a great dog too. l love Jimmy, he's a sweetheart; thank you Johanna - and here's hoping Wilbur's foot is better soon.


I'm sorry to hear about Lola, she was one of my favorites (perhaps because of her likeness to Phebes).
To go from being just another unwanted dog in LA to having 4 amazing years in a great home. I think Ian, Mary and Lola all won the lottery in that deal.

laura b

Ian & Mary so sorry for your loss, Lola spent her last years in a home FULL of LOVE.....thank you for giving her the family she deserved!