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miracle cure

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2014

I read with distress another example of a rescue whose animals suffer lingering deaths from starvation and lack of medical care. I read of the animals final months, days hours surrounded by the filth of their own excrement and I wonder what is that person possibly thinking, what are they telling themselves while watching this happen?

maybe because of the internet, we read about it more...maybe it has always happened..or maybe it is happening more.

but here is the does someone go from loving animals and wanting to help them to becoming an animals very worst nightmare?

sometimes mental illness plays a huge role....but I think more than anything it has to do with a disconnect with humanity that eventually extends to a disconnect with the animals.

and here is a simple truth...

many people turn to animals to fulfill emotional holes. they cannot connect with people, they feel uncomfortable in human relationships, and so we turn to animals.

we all have heard it, read it...said it....i hate people. animals love us unconditionally and they love us forever.

and so they become the ones responsible for how we feel about ourselves.

so here is another simple truth...

no animal is responsible for making us happy...making us feel loved. no animal should have to bear the burden of life long with living our feelings of being misunderstood, not appreciated...of being messed up.

that is just another form of exploitation..human profiting..physically, emotionally, financially thru another beings life.

those animals that died of starvation, that died in their own filth..died because they were incapable of making the human responsible for them...feel valued, important, connected on this earth. the disconnect inside of the human became the animals problem because the disconnect was not just with humans..the disconnect really was with the whole world.

the world is full of broken humans..some more broken than others and somehow or another to some of us..animals have become the miracle glue to put ourselves back together.

and the third simple truth is...

this is not their job.

animals are vulnerable..they are powerless victims in human lives. they are sentinet beings that have their own lives to live, their own needs to fulfill...their own purpose in being alive.

they can be friends, they can be family but they are not therapists, they are not angels to rescue us, they are not captive children to forever love us. and they are not obligated to accept physical, emotional or spiritual abuse and neglect just because we are empty inside.

there are NO miracle cures in a bottle. there are NO miracle cures for unhappy people inside an animals soulful eyes.

if we want to be cured of our loneliness, our unhappiness, our brokenness then we need to do our own work inside.
and when we are overflowing with our own happiness, when we can reach out and connect in healthy ways with all living things..including our own species..that is when we will have the tools to affect animal lives in positive ways.

children need and deserve good and healthy parents to have happy lives...and so do the animals with whom we want to share this life.

and the final simple truth is...

a broken and empty cup can starve more than just one innocent life.



mya!! great glad she got such a great home!!! merry xmas to all.

Carol a.

Heart breaking lay true, Carol. The little ones are not responsible for their human guardians well being, but the humans, no matter what, are responsible for the furrey and not so furry souls under their guardianship.

Thinking of all of the SAINTS and wishing you all good things


Wow! Great insight,Carol . I've said it before---You need to
write a book! I love my animals dearly but the conversations
with them are not too deep so I don't expect them to solve
my problems!


Brilliantly said Carole. I think a lot of us have felt empty at times and that is our business to fix. Then we can reach out to people and animals alike. Mya is still going strong. Everybody in our neighborhood knows her and she gets good attention. All the best to you and all the lovely people at Saints. And of course all the animals too.