Rescue Journal

surrounded by sicko's

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2014

Robbie has hurt his back..poor wee little babe.

ginger is not well today and was taken back down to the vet. not sure what is up with him but he has antibiotics because his temperature is up. if he is not better in a day or two, he is to go back in.

moose is home from his neuter and tumor removal..he is not feeling great.

rudy was having unhappy cardiac symptoms today...Nicole came out and did an ECG on him and then sent the strip to our vet. I just picked up a new med for him and that brings his grand total to 4 cardiac meds. hopefully they kick in soon.

ellie is apparently feeling MUCH better and perkier on her new pain meds. today kevin told me she busted the gate to visit charlotte in the riding ring. she really wasn't visiting charlotte...she just thought it was her turn to get in. so here is the glad she is feeling so much better keep her on those meds will cost $130 per $520 per month. BIG ouch financially but it is not like we can say she can't have them when they make her feel really good again.
whatever. ellie will always get whatever it is that she needs.
like a few more sponsors..maybe...please????

love you are an incredibly phenomenol pig!!!

but..quit busting the gates..try to be a little more patient and wait for someone to open them for you please.




I was thinking after the fact, maybe she saw that Brad and Charlotte
got 2 apples each when I dropped off the apples. Brad always gets
some apples because I have to walk by him with the boxes. He
always says thank you. Because
Charlotte was next to Brad, and sad she got some apples too. This
could have been the cause of the break out. I would like to blame
Ellie, but it may have been my fault.