Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 23, 2014

ginger's post mortem is done..pancreatic cancer was the primary site. all of us are still feeling his loss...this just came out of left day he was good and happy and trucking around and the next day he wasn't. such a sweet boy.

tina was at the vets today, she has had a couple of not so great days. the vet thinks the tramadol is not working for her anymore so she has been switched to buprenorphine. we will see how she does over the next couple of weeks.

rudi also went in to the vets..that was a bit of a challenge for the staff first thing this morning. he is mildly better with the cardiac meds but not yet where he needs to be so he too will get a couple of more weeks with his new meds and then we will see.

foster renny's mast cell tumor is growing again, anne took her into the vet and they started her on steroids to try to slow it down.

foster cece was also at the vets for a check and blood work.

cricket gets the very best Christmas of all...she is going home with ian and mary (lola's previous home..RIP sweetie!) I know cricket is going to be over the moon with happiness to have found such a very great home!

I have stuffed and hung all of the animals stockings for Christmas morning...each area from bunnies to chickens to big barn guys to dogs and cats all have Christmas morning special treats. I won't be here because I am working so if the xmas morning volunteers could hand them out to everyone..i bet everyone will be happy to get the extra treats!

the sad news is Dionne and carol ann lost their beloved foster angus tonight..he was old as the hills and so very lucky to finish his life in a home where he was so very much loved. hugs to Dionne and carol ann and thank you so much for giving him a truly great home. RIP angus,,you were a bit of a crusty old fart but you were deeply loved by two special hearts.

I truly hope there are no more losses for any of us this year..these guys are such a gift but they do bruise up our hearts when they leave.


lynne arnason

i just read the post and i am soo sorry for your loss of angus. he was loved by you and passed being loved. rip little guy. big hugs to you both.

Carol Ann

Thank you all for the nice words. Angus was the sweetest little love. Not much into cuddling but a true gentleman always. Even Sweetie loved him and she does not like other dogs her size. He is loved and will be missed. RIP little "A".
Nice to hear some good news about other Saints animals.

Merry Christmas everyone !


Sorry for the loss of Angus, I remember him & although it is sad when they leave us, he left knowing & feeling he was loved..they should all be so lucky. Bless you guys .

Very Happy for Cricket, yippee ... many blessing to Ian & Mary , giving Cricket her home is the absolute best Christmas gift ever...can't wait to hear updates.

I hope Tina does well on the new drug... I have been making a point of coming in to visit her after barn chores, she is my little heart dog at SAINTS and I know her time is coming...I think of the days when she would join us at the barn and how much fun she had romping in muck & helping pick up poo. She is such a trooper & I love her.

laura b

thanks Ian & Mary for opening up your heart again and giving Cricket a very special Christmas!!!

laura b

Angus....what a cool little old man.....he was blessed to have Carol Ann and Dionne as his family till the end.....)))hugs(((

Carol a.

yeah, Cricket!

Thank you for letting us know the results on Ginger. At least we know why he went so quickly down hill.


So sorry, Dionne & Carol Ann. It's sad to lose a beloved pet at any time, but even worse at Christmas.


Carol Ann and Dionne; So sorry for the loss of Angus -he had a special home with you guys. Hugs to you both