Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2014

so while I know the volunteers were so happy that gilbert was up and about on xmas talking with kevin, he is not up for very long and is still grinding his teeth periodically with pain. I will talk to the vets tomorrow and see what they say.

also looks like Dixie is developing a couple of hematomas below her sutured site so will talk to the vets about those too.

I took the day off to try to de-stress and headed out to the cabin first thing this morning. I took phoebe with me but we only got as far as the bottom of the driveway before I had to pull over and pick up a stray Chihuahua. i had a bit of a heart attack because i thought it was jimmy who had somehow escaped but he was safe in my room. then i thought it might be suzue because he looked like her...but suzie was safe at her foster home too. anyway..i grabbed the little bugger and I plopped him safely into a cage with food and water and a soft bed. erin found his real owners later in the day.

phoebe is not the most relaxing furry person to hang out fact she is downright annoyingly hyperactive and noisily insane. but she is getting really old and grey now and so I sucked it up and did my best to give her a special, just for her day.
thank god it is over and she is snug as a bug in her bed and I am off the hook now since it is her geriatric bed time...yay!

heads up to the Saturday volunteers..i will be gone in the morning by 0845 to take agnes into maple ridge for a vet visit...should be home before 11 am. i will have my c3ell phone if anyone needs me.

my deepest condolences to anne and her family for the loss of their wonderful foster dog renny. renny was pretty darn lucky that you guys opened the magical doors of your hearts and home to an old, lonely and sad homeless dog. hugs to you both and our great thanks for bringing her everlasting love near the end of her days.

rest in peace were a very sweet and very good girl.



I am so sorry Anne for the loss of Renny. You gave her a wonderful home full of love....