Rescue Journal is the last day of the year

Carol  ·  Dec. 31, 2014

and I guess I should write some kind of summing up post about what went on here during 2014 but I can't.
I know many animals came...quite a few found permanent foster or adoptive homes, quite a few passed away in our arms and some of them are still here. I know they made us laugh out loud at times and at others reduced us to tears. I know we had many happy joy filled moments and moments that hurt us in more ways than any of us can say.


it's is peaks and is good and bad, happy and sad. it is life living with broken bodies and discarded hearts for 365 days.

good bye to 2014, hello to 2015 where I expect we will all live more of the same.

that's ok because rescue is about living..... however it is, every single day.

all I really can say is that I personally am ending this year with a heart full of love and respect for our animals and our people who together made SAINTS what it is on this day.

I won't wish us a very happy new year because who knows what 2015 will bring? I wish us, animal and human, the strength to get thru the hard days, the joyful heart to fully appreciate the good days, and the hope to find true value and purpose in living the next 365 days.

best friends



What a great wish Carol! I'm at work tonight . I liked this quote from Brad Paisley (country singer for those who don't listen to JRFM). For the New Year.....