Rescue Journal

another year of love and loss.

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2015

I worked on the last day of the year and I work on the first day of the year and I don't mind because I like working. but i do like sleeping better!
it was a quiet night, just me and my little feather/furballs. we all missed the big midnight switch to a brand new year (because we were sleeping) and that was more than fine because sleeping is also more fun than staying up late just to watch a ball drop...we have lots of balls we can drop whenever around here.

day 1...364 more to go...i do wonder what we will all get up to this year. one thing i do know tho is 2015 will slip past in the blink of an eye just like 2014 so i better not waste it.

it has taken me more than a year but yesterday i finally found Gideon's perfect windchime..i will hang it today. i also finally framed peppers portrait so i guess i am ready to let that hurt go somewhat too. now if i can just make myself spread daphne's ashes, i should be able to let go of some of the past and embrace a brand new year.




sometimes we carry sadness around longer than we need to....this year i would like to take the hit, learn from it, and keep it as a precious is far better to have loved and lost than to never have loved (or been loved) before.

here's to another year filled with love and most likely also full of loss.

sigh..i love you little screwballs...try to go easy on the loss part.



Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015 to Carol, staff, volunteers, supporters and of course all the critters at SAINTS

pip van nispen

Have followed your blog for the last year and have learned so much ...about love ,loss,respect,sharing and generally about life. Thanks . I live with two geriatrics~15 yr old rottie/lab and a 15 yr old sweet black cat. Also a middleaged fluffball cat and a feral that I'm hoping to tame, Thanks for all you do and inspire.

Brown owl

SAINTS and its residents and the stories touched my heart in so many ways last year, thank you for everything you do. I really hope you get to enjoy your new cabin lots this year. And lots go good sleeps with the snuggle buddies too!

Lenore Henry

Every time I see the photo of Shawn holding Owen, to me, it represents what Saints is all about, helping the homeless, the abused and the forgotten find some connection, for however long or short, and making their lives better by so many special caring people - thanks Carol, staff and volunteers at Saints for all that you do for these precious animals.