Rescue Journal

life goes on...

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2015

and another year many losses in the last weeks of 2014.
so many new incomings in the earliest stages of 2015...
16 yr old hyperthyroid cruelty seized cat
8 yr old diabetic spraying cat whose only option besides saints is euthanization
an unneutered abandoned young cat (to come here) and his friend..
a pregnant also abandoned cat to stay where she is with the family who has taken her in but we will provide for her spay and find the kittens (after pediatric spay/neuter) homes when it is time.
and finally another difficult to manage skin dog who is joining us from NARA up north where getting her the kind of consistent medical care that she needs has been problematic. she can join agnes who we are still trying to get a consistently effective skin regime handle on.

and speaking of agnes...I totally adore this messed up dog. her skin may be a disaster, a giant worry, a walking vet bill and a ton of work...but talk about an incredible spirit...she is funny, she is affectionate, she is playful...she is an absolute joy to be with.

I am hoping the staff do not read this or there may be a few sick calls tomorrow morning but someone who is most definitely not quite as much of a joyful experience has a significant problem with pooh bum. sad to say that Oscar the grouch will require a Friday morning butt shower and unfortunately (thank gawd!!!) I will have to be at work.
I actually like Oscar the grouch quite a lot..except when he has pooh butt, then I like him not!

ah yes...2015..another year of in and outs and another year of dick headed pooh butts.

and life goes on and on and on...
oscar the grouch
Do Not Touch My Butt!