Rescue Journal

mama mia has passed away

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2015

sadly we lost mama mia yesterday..she has been in foster with my ex for the past couple of years. mia is the last to pass of the forgotten felines cruelty seizure that we took in here. mia had on going trouble with her ears, but it was cancer that finally took her. she was a truly lovely cat and very well in peace sweet girl.

here is the video jenn made of mia happy in a home for her own.



RIP sorry for your loss. It seems too many are crossing over. Swift peaceful journey.Momma goes with you.


Ahhh Mia, she was so sweet. I'm very sorry for your loss jenny and carol.


Sorry to hear about Mia, she was a sweet cat.
Love the video.
Thanks for giving her a great forever home,