Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2015

phoebes blood work showed a massive infection, urinalysis showed bladder or kidney...she is feeling much better with the antibiotics.

dixies wound is doing well.

we moved sarge to the medical room.

ash went home with Nicole.

nicky had her vet check, she needs another dental. her last one was just a year and a half ago.

myrna and coda bear have their tumor removal surgeries today.

teak goes in for cysto and C&S before her CT scan on the 20th.

and we lost billy, our commercial meat bird yesterday. he died suddenly when his heart gave out. this was a blessing because his femoral joints were going from his massive weight and the time was coming when we were going to have to euthanize. I am glad that he went quickly on his own because euthanizing chickens can be traumatic for them. far better that he died suddenly in his home.
rest in peace billy, you were a bit of a rooster dick but you deserved a life much better than you were given at birth.



Thanks so much for taking Billy in and giving him a chance to enjoy life.


Sorry to hear about Billy. He went the best way, though - in his home, knowing he was loved. And YAY Nicole and Ash - Ash was a favorite in the medical/bunny room.


Thanks, Nicole. Ash is such sweetie and deserves to have a loving home.


Sorry about Billy, he truly was a character, reminded me of Fog Horn leg Horn. RIP Big guy. Hope all goes well with Coda & Myrna .