Rescue Journal

updates on the updates

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2015

they could not get any urine from teak with the cysto...her bladder is always empty because of the defects and constant leaking so while this is not surprising, it is a bit of a drag because I really wanted to ensure no infection prior to any surgeries.

myrna had her surgery, all went well and that large mass was easy to remove. they will send it off for pathology, in the mean time she is confined because it is quite a long incision.

coda bear had a hard time with her surgery, there were some bleeding problems and she does continue to ooze. I saw her at the end of the day and she felt like crap. she will be staying in until we know it is safe to bring her home again.

kevin moved charlotte into wilbur's old pen...more room for her and it is a nicer stall so I think she will be happier there.

nugget is moving over to billy's now empty pen and then the one that nugget was in will be free for Crosby come spring...she likes that one better.

I think that is all of the news or at least all that I am aware of.