Rescue Journal

for sunday

Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2015

new dog in (from up north)..kyha is currently in the hallway between the 2 cat rooms...she is not the most friendliest of little wrecked please do not try to pet her, do not bug her and move carefully around her because she can and will bite. if you carefully ignore her,,she will carefully ignore you..that's fair enough for now. I would suggest only one quiet caregiver person back there and certainly no visitors or tours. she is on the very same dry and canned food as agnes is....kyha has very bad skin.

the new cat in the cage in the back left hand room is doughy also from up north (totally odd kind of name!) and she is very afraid so please use caution during care and do not let her out of her cage.

myrna is confined in the cage in the right hand back cat room as she is recovering from her hip tumor removal so keep her confined please too.

capone is not well so he can go out to the barn if he wants but not down to the bottom field...he may fall down and no one wants to have to carry him back up the hill.

johanna's chi's are visiting (including her new saint jimmy) they are in the laundry room. all of their food and supplies are in the large green tub.

agnes has been temporarily moved to the kitchen...only her special bison dry kibble is to go into the kitchen food bowls. there are now three dogs with food issues in the kitchen...agnes, Robbie and Dixie so be very careful and thoughtful about who goes where when feeding the canned food...use the entranceway to feed those guys individually so no one gets hurt.

coda bear is confined in a cage in my room...she is very upset over feeling like crap from her surgery, is in a cone and will only eat if hand fed. you can take her out and put her on the floor to let her pee and poop on one of the pads while you clean up her cage...if she is mad and wants to bite...just open the cage, let her come out on her own to the bed and carefully lift her down with a towel over her back....she is very sore and badly bruised on her belly so just scoop her up along her sides. best to do this when most of the other little buggers are outside for a pee break else they all try to sneak into her cage which just pisses her off even more.

a new cat will be arriving before noon from one of the vet clinics...tammy is aware of where to put her so please let tammy know when she gets here.

if a new sick goat arrives tomorrow...chris will be with her and knows where she goes so no need to worry about her..

if unsure or need clarification...feel free to call me on the cell. I will try to get home for lunch but work tomorrow looks busy.

that's it...sleep tight (in prep for tomorrow) and don't let the currently upset dogs bite.

we are way smarter than they are, we just need to think about things from their view before we actually do.



Doughie is like the bread dough...literally. Kyah is K (eye) ah. When we did her ointment we'd say 'lets do K'eyeballs'. Hope that helps!


glad codi bear is still eating
jenn and i couldn't figure out how to pronounce Doughy's name. I don't think we settled on a pronunciation! and we weren't too sure about Kyah's either!

oh and just so you know, I snapped some rads of Parker (aka Ash) last night at work and while she does have some tiny mets to her chest they aren't horrible and so far that's the only thing that shows so i'm hoping she'll be kicking around for a while! yay!