Rescue Journal

my timing this year so far sucks

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2015

I should have booked off longer for January....I have less than a week to de-junk and fill that bin, the floor is finally getting repaired in the big dog room next mon/tues cuz I am here to deal with emptying/cleaning/re-setting up that room and with the dogs being upset cuz everyone is going to have to move for those two days while the floorers are here. renee is away all of next week and part of the next, Dionne has down graded to part time hours and Ashley while wonderful is new to the mp room.

too much stuff going on, too many upside down, turn arounds in too few holiday days...erin is going to be paying the biggest price as she struggles to deal with a really chaotic and very short staffed couple of weeks. geez I am stupid...I should have booked 2 weeks off!

I have a week in feb but that is already booked to help my daughter with a busy little toddler and a brand new baby (yes, grandchild number four is on her way in a few weeks...yay!!!) and my next set of holidays is not until the week before the annual open house in june and we all know how freaking nutz that is!

whatever...we can only do what we can do....but I want to get this shit done cuz it is driving me insane!!!

the problem here tho is maintenence...we are so freaking busy tending to the daily things that we let the maintaining stuff build up and build up and build up until it becomes a big hairy freaking headache and stressful deal to try to play catch up.

I just want to shoot myself...


teak is still at boundary bay for her cyctoscopy and CT scan..i have to go back tonight around 7 pm to pick her up..there goes another couple of hours in travel time.

sarge is going in tomorrow for his FIV/FeLV testing and max cat goes in early tomorrow morning because he has just blown his third abcess.

phoebe was in for her bladder infection recheck and is to remain on antibiotics for another few weeks.

coda and myrna go in on Monday morning for their suture removals and aggie goes with them for her skin recheck and that also is pretty damn horrible timing because that will be when the fireplace and tile guys arrive to start working in the big dog room area.

have I said I should shoot myself or at least stick a freaking pencil in my eye???

if I could save time in a bottle..the first thing that i'd not like to do

is to spend every gawd damn day....

rescuing you know who.

rescue is not just about rescuing fuzzy little is about having waaaay too much not fun stuff to do.



Nicole, their appointment is on Tuesday the 27th at East Ridge at 9 a.m.


And I can stay and help
Erin! She'll have to tell me what to do but something tells me she won't have a problem doing that!


Are Codi, Myrna and Agnes' vet checks all at the one clinic? I can come out and bring them to their appts if that would help?


You just put a whole new slant on one of my favourite Jim Croce songs.