Rescue Journal

so not happy

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2015

I spent another 7 hours out in the shop today and while I know we are making headway, it is just so freaking overwhelming what still needs to be done.

the real problem is you have to shift stuff out of one area to make room for other stuff then shift it again cuz it is in the way of moving more stuff until finally you have its permanent home cleared out so you can shift it to there and leave it.

I was just about in tears at one point but then joann and ann saved the day and came and helped.

salem came over from across the street and kept me company while he snooped in stuff. he is a pretty funny little cat, and it did cheer me up to watch him snooping around.

i am going to resentfully whine about spending my entire time off dicking around in that freaking shop..all the while knowing that in a few months it will be just as much of a gawd awful mess waiting for me to have time off again. that whole shop just totally pisses me off... I wish we did not even have one.



Want me to come out a few hours before the mtg Sunday to do some more cleaning in the shop?