Rescue Journal

the good news, the bad news...

Carol  ·  Jan. 24, 2015

and then I am going to bed to curl up and moan....I made it til just after barn bedtime and then my back crapped out...shit..i missed a big family dinner and all of my adorable grandkids too.

so the good news...

doughy went home as a foster with one of my co-workers. this means I will get almost daily updates on how she is doing...yay!

the crap news...mystic has a giant hot spot..we shaved it down the best that we could, washed it and started her on antibiotics. Nicole or anne (depending on who is here) can shave her the rest of the way down tomorrow and she goes into the vet for a check on Tuesday.

the bad news...ok well its not bad news..i kind of expected this might happen...its disappointing tho because all of us had hoped for a fairy tale ending.

hah! apparently not with that dweebie devil!

diesel is coming home...he was pretty good for the first bit but has been escalating and becoming more and more difficult. even for diesel the final straw was a big time low...lunging and biting someone who is cleaning up your vomit...really diesel?...seriously? you are such a freaking asshole.

anyway..that is it for him..i know he had 3 homes before landing here...I have tried him in 3 homes..all of which were smart, dog savy folks right up at the top of the great dog homes list...and STILL he has managed to screw them all up.

so... no more homes for diesel..he has too many screws loose that won't seem to tighten. diesel is now a permanent sanctuary dog and no longer up for adoption. this may not be the home of his dreams but it is the home that can safely manage him so welcome home diesel..i guess I better go buy you a new pool cuz we tossed yours...ooops.

mr devilish dweeb will be home tomorrow.

sigh..i did kind of miss him.



Carol A.

Too bad about the diesel... Maybe he just wanted to come home to you... You never know! I
Hope your back gets better fast and that Mystics hot spot resolves quickly.


Happy news for doughy! Not so great news about Diesel, but for some animals, it is what it is and SAINTS will be home for him.