Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2015

I don't do well with it. I can handle it briefly when I must but 10 days of upside the shop and then the house..has driven me close to the brink, now that both shop and flooring are done, I just want to climb into bed with my head under the covers and not resurface for at least one full recovery week. oh well...I will go back to work tomorrow instead.

the good news about all of this is..i will never let saints itself sink irretrievably into the downward spiral of continual just isn't in me to live with chaos for long. eventually I am going to get pissed and stubborn and fix whatever it is that is pissing me off.

thank you Nicole for doing the vet run...mystic, aggie and coda are all as appreciative to have that run behind us as I am.

thank you erin for putting up with my constant bitching and doing the work of 2.

thank you Dionne, kevin and ashley for handling all of the stuff in your areas so I did not have to worry about things.

also thank you Ashley for helping me try to catch those two loose wet dogs!!

and once again thank you to all of the really kind and generous folks who have helped us out recently when everything was such a giant freaking drag!!!

now I am going to bed...thank god this set of chaotic vacation is over!!

doc is holding his own but still not great..the vets were a no show today, they most likely got super busy with emergencies but we are hoping they will come again tomorrow.



Trying to post the pic from today but I think it's going to show up as my name pic instead.