Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2015

the mp room is glaringly empty without rudi.

doc is having such a tough time..first he was brought down by pneumonia, then by scours and finally by crystals and bladder stones. his pneumonia is getting better...he finally started peeing halfway decently today, the scours are still really bad. the vets have been out to see him daily all of this week. kevin is really doing a great job in caring for doc..fingers are crossed that doc makes it safely thru all of this stuff.

capone is coping with his enforced sucks that it has to be but it does. the only way that knee will heal is if he only uses it minimally.

all the recent new admissions are doing current concerns. just need to get to duke and Cleopatra's viral testing then we can start slowly trialling them out of their cages.

nicole and lynne are taking some of the saints dogs off to a photo shoot of really old dogs tomorrow,...hope everything goes super smoothly and because I am a worry wart...I will worry until everyone is safely home.


another Doreen

Well said Carol! I've been feeling something like that too. I don't believe that she intended for the dogs to suffer or die, but somehow she disconnected from the reality of the hot day. And I agree that her punishment won't end when she is released from jail. Her whole life has been changed and she will have to slink away and change her name or people will remember for a long time.
Thank you for putting it into words so eloquently and helping me clarify how I felt about the situation.


I think we do need to start seriously applying jail time to those who abuse animals. the whole thing with emma Paulsen tho conflicts me..obviously someone with a great deal of problems, and I think she never meant any harm to come to the dogs..she was just too wrapped up in herself to think very far..and yes she lied on top of causing the dogs deaths but I think that might been from pure terror and panic. so I is a very stupid, very selfish. messed up person who made huge errors in judgement that ultimately caused death and got caught. she has been raged at, vilified,..everyone knows her, everyone knows what she did, everyone loathes her, I am sure she feels an enormous amount of guilt that those dogs suffered greatly before death..including her own dog....she is not ever going to be able to come back from this to any kind of a normal or happy life. the bans and jail sentence sends a strong message to others..for emma? how much worse can her life possibly get? I just feel pity for her in accidently killing those dogs thru her own selfish stupidity and totally ruining her own life at the very same time.


Oh my word I just looked at the pictures from past photo shoots they are amazing. He seems very talented!


Hey carol, I am very interested to hear your comment on the sentencing that emma paulsen received earlier this week.

laura b

Jenn our amazing photographer could put together her own project with all the great shots she's taken that capture the soul of our old faithful at Saints.

Lenore Henry

Great interview Nicole - good luck to you and Lynne today - what a great project, The Old Faithful Photo Project, for SAINTS to be recognized - so very well deserved!!


Here is the interview from yesterday.


yes...someone recommended he contact us and he did so tina, little buddy, coda-bear and shep are going to give it a try.

Lenore Henry

I can't wait to see the photo shoot - is this through The Old Faithful Photo Project? I know the SAINTS dogs will shine!!