Rescue Journal

new reason to be careful where food and water bowls are placed,

Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2015

I always make a big deal about food and water bowls put back where they were found...3 reasons for this...

1. blind dogs can't find them if they are moved.

2. bowls are placed strategically to prevent fights

3. they are also placed strategically to allow shy animals the chance to eat and drink while feeling safe and not exposed.

so now I add a fourth reason..learn something new every day...

4. keep them in the exact same place so little partially blind and crippled ancient poodles do not accidently stumble and fall into them face first and almost drown.

yep. bad night last night with tina..she got up in the middle of the night and headed over to the top of the blanket box from the bed and tripped on a bowl of water which was not where it was supposed to be. she landed face first in the bowl, panicked, flipped back, fell off the blanket box, hit the first stair step, hit the 2nd stair step and ended up on the floor gasping for air with her front half soaking wet.

I think she may have aspirated, she had some trouble breathing for quite a while plus she was cold, wet and very upset from her literal water fall.

poor wee babe.




Noooooooo... Yesterday when I missed your call...I was afraid to listen if you had left a message because I was so afraid to hear that Tina was ill or worse....that she was gone.... because I know that day is coming and each time I pay her a visit I know it could very well be the last kiss, touch, pet , treat & whisper in her ear. I am hoping she can hang in for a few more months & I can spend some time in the sun with her.

On a separate note - The golden I found on Keystone & took to Mission AC , was picked up by his people later that same day. Whew...nice dog who very nearly lost his life. I can't believe people will simply honk at a scared dog on the road & then drive around him & away.... Boo and bad Karma to those drivers !!