Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 15, 2015

looks like we have a round of kennel cough starting. interestingly enough it came not from a new incoming shelter dog but from a visitors dog. not his fault, he wasn't showing symptoms on the day he was here. shit happens..we have been thru it before and will be thru it again. we have been pretty lucky..our last bout was several years ago. if this follows the same kind of progression...most of the dogs are immune from previous exposures in their lifetimes but some of them won't be. the ones who do get sick, it should be just a minor irritation, and a few who might get really sick, we will be monitoring really carefully.

and life will go on.

I do however suggest that folks use this as a reminder...wash your hands frequently and change your clothes and toss in the laundry as soon as you get home. this should be done every time folks are here..not just when we have a new virus making the rounds.



little buddy, coda bear and aggie so far. tina and jerry et el should be fine..they were here the last time a few years ago and are most likely will be the newer dogs who are the most susceptible.


I read it can take 6 to 12 days to show up...not sure when the visiting dog was there....a little bit worried about the older guys ( OK ...Tina mostly because she is so tiny and frail)