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proving idiocy right

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2015

the problem with arrogantly stupid people is they try to come across as intelligent and wise....I might occasionally (or frequently) suffer from this would I know? I am pretty sure arrogantly stupid people might not actually have the insight to know.

in any case, that guy who wrote that article about dogs being easily replaceable and worth far less than human beings, got every dog lovers knickers in a knot for being so dismissive and disrespectful to a much loved species of other beings.

you know is fine to not like is fine to not care too much about them or think they are far beneath you personally. but where that guy made the biggest mistake was assuming that he had the right of it and it was his role to educate because the rest of us were just stupid.

now he does not seem to understand why everyone got so pissed off.

so instead of maybe re-thinking his take on the importance of dogs in some of our lives and maybe what we are getting that he may be missing, he digs his heels in even deeper...and why is that?

because he is getting violently ignorant emails and actual death threats.

so he writes an article that is so utterly clueless to be laughable and the nutbars grab the bait, jump into the fray to beat him up, get him fired, make him pay and what did he actually learn?

that people who love dogs are for sure totally crazy and wise and intelligent people like him are victims of our lunatic love of dogs.

which was exactly the point of his arrogantly stupid article.

enraged dog lovers banded together and proved him right.....go figure and that sucks.

two wrongs never did make something right.



See Surrey Now website, then look up Adrian MacNair opinion and you will see what he wrote. The following week was another reporter's opinion and many letters from the public, plus an apology from the Editor.


In the first article the reporter stated that the woman's life is totally ruined. She will get on with her life but the dog's don't have that choice. One of the biggest problems with this whole case was that she lied to the police. If she had confessed to the situation it wouldn't have been quite so bad (however it was still wrong) but the fact that she led everyone on with her story of the dogs being kidnapped when it fact she dumped them.


Well I missed the whole thing!!! What article, what outrage? Maybe I should watch the news more often :-)


I am not very techno pam but will see if I can find it again.
he didn't write another article was another reporter who wrote an article about the public reaction to the first article.


I must haved.missed something...didnt read his 2nd piece yet...but I can imagine....too bad it wasnt just totally ignored or at best..sympathy expressed at this man who obviously has never known a true relationship and love with his dog