Rescue Journal

first contact

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2015

I am pretty sure that our farm animals think they had a visit from a spaceship from outer space last night.

this is how misunderstandings happen..something never before seen occurred and they thought aliens had arrived.

I lost the van keys a week or so ago..somewhere on this freaking farm. I was personally hoping for some kind of miracle where the keys would just magically reappear but this of course never happened.

now I don't know if anyone here has ever lost the only set of keys for a piece of shit vehicle that still is of some use for things like hauling feed and hay. but trust is a pain in the ass. the long and short of it after many phone calls is the van had to be towed to a dealership in abbotsford to have new keys coded and made.

hence our farm animals first contact from outer space.

the tow truck was huge, shiny and literally covered in white and red lights that glowed in the dark like...a spaceship from outer space. Emily was fascinated, she hung her head over the fences with her eyes wide with wonder and watched this beautiful monsterous thing as it arrived. chevy and joy hid behind her and peeked around her to see this amazing thing too. Dixie called out from the distance as she watched from her barn. brad pitt ran from his house to the farthest reaches of his pen and stood frozen with his head pressed against the wire with his back to this fearsome presence.

the stars twinkled in the black sky from high above and the red and white lights flashed with a brilliance against the sound of churning motors as it slowly manouvered itself into our little parking lot.

I stood by the fence and talked softly to brad, telling him everything was alright. his curious nature finally got the better of him and he came over by me to press his nose against the fence to see what was going on.

the alien whose spacesuit glowed in the dark too finally got the van hooked to the spaceship and both slowly faded away into the night amid the sparkling lights. as I left our stunned and amazed friends to return to the house, I saw that they all still stood there staring together in silence at the now empty black space where something wonderous had just come and gone.



I was unaware that there were mobile guys who did that. My mishap was about ten to eleven years ago so, I guess things have changed (it was dealer only then). But yes, that would save on a tow bill. I usually keep the spare in an undisclosed location (guess you learned the hard way on that one) LOL


Yup Curt...that is what I had & they have mobile guys that come out & program it for you ... it is costly...mine was almost $300.( same as the dealer was going to charge me ) so saving a towing fee helped.

That was when I had my purse stolen for the 2nd time in 6 months & I had BOTH sets of keys in that was stupid....and costly


Mo, my assumption would be that it is one of the newer keys that are coded with a chip to the vehicle & it is the dealership that has to do those ones. Reprogram the key etc...) I almost had to have one done some years ago & was told that the key without programing is about $100.00

And yes... interesting take on the animals view of a tow truck


Great idea, Nancy. We could take a selection of the best of Carol's blogs over the years (funny, sad, thought-provoking etc), and put them into a book. We could all vote on our favorite blogs!! Maybe we could hold a bid for the book title (to raise some money). I bet the book would be popular!!!


Lol... if this was my life... I'd bet $1k that the key would show up within a few days.

Great imagery !

Carol next time call a mobile auto key guy...that's what I did when I was in the same boat ...saved the tow fee :-)


Such a charming story. But Brad, really?? You're a 600+ lb. pig, and you were a scaredy-cat!!! Too funny. Sorry you had to go through such a hassle with your van, though Carol - but it made for entertaining reading today!!