Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 14, 2015

so...I made it thru the plague..including the brief but killer headache that I was convinced I would not survive. I managed to get back to work to finish off my last 2 evening shifts altho I am so tired this morning, I wished I had not tried.

one of my nursing buddies asked if I wanted some towels and incontinent pads for saints..i picked them up last evening on my supper break.


my car was full...stem to stern, top to bottom...could not see out of the windows. hmmm...this might now be good. luckily Jamie was home and let me come to shift half of it over to her car to bring up to saints so I could finish my shift relatively safe. I have to unload both vehicles and put that gigantic load away.

I already know that's gonna suck.

we have a new guy in...his name is jack, he is a 13 yr old pom x and super sweet. he is not currently available for adoption. I am hoping to be able to return him to his family eventually so for now he is a temporary sanctuary dog.

sofie has joined the rest of the horses and is doing very well.

we are looking at soon getting gus, the little sheep neutered so he and cinder can join up with the other sheep as well.

sweet little nick hurt his foot yesterday...we think he stepped on a bee, we occasionally have these large groups of bees that suddenly appear on the ground..i think they winter in the soil for some reason and when they initially come out just hang around in the dirt acting stunned. I saw them last spring too. note to all to check the ground before letting the dogs out for the next couple of weeks because apparently, we have a species of weird bees living at saints.

I think that is all of the recent news.