Rescue Journal

the new guys have all arrived and are in their transition spots...

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2015

mocha is the senior blind Siamese cross...he is currently in a holding cage in the medical room while he settles in.

seely is the little shitz found at the truck stop on the hwy. she is currently quite thin and has an upper respiratory thing going on so she is in an isolation pen in the medical room. she sees the vet tomorrow.

mars is the one eye cat that no one has been interested in adopting..he is starting out in a holding cage in the mp communal room until he settles in.

tippy the 11 yr old Japanese chinx is hanging out in the laundry area with cammy until we get her skin and eventual spay sorted out.

me-su is in a holding cage in the house back cat rooms where I can keep a close eye on her..she is currently not eating and this worries me quite a lot.

all of them seem like really sweet souls..welcome to saints!



don't forget kyah isn't spayed yet either because of her skin issues....good thing jacks backend is so crippled but still...everyone make sure he never gets out into the kitchen.

Carol A.

Never a dull moment . It should be a very interesting week or two till all settle in.


When was the last time we had an unneutered male and an unspayed female at the same time? Shit they might be old but betcha they haven't forgotten what to do!