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saints welcomes...

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2015

well it sure ain't buddy and fido...yikes SARCs, I cannot believe you sent them here with those names!!! but thx so much you guys for all of the medical work ups and records, that's so great that you got all that done..really appreciate this!!

so saints welcomes "jerry lee"..a pretty damn cute and noisy approx. 8 yr old beagle with quite significant renal disease.


Mario an approx., 8 yr old shih tsu who also happens to have kidney disease.

both were unclaimed surrey strays.

jerry lee is currently in the mp room, in a pen on his own because given the fact that he is a beagle, we can pretty much guess that he will have food issues and not do well with our communal free feeding. if he proves me wrong, we can move him later to the house.

Mario for now is in the laundry become a bed buddy when I (or the staff) have more time to hang out with him and get him used to the noisy, nosy bed buddy freaks. but since I am back to work tomorrow and it is the beginning of the weekend, it may be a few days.

they are both VERY sweet dogs!

oh and as an update...tippy went home with jenny today as a foster. once her spay is done, she will be an adoption. not bad for a 13 yr old dog taken in to be euth'd a week ago because her family was glad she got a second chance!



Desperate, 17 animals-3 dogs the rest cats. All senior. Need help please contact me.


Buddy's name is actually Buddy - we know this because he was a frequent flyer at the shelter. Fido's name is actually Fido - we know this from his tattoo! We didn't name either one of them :)


i'm going through the old blog posts to get ideas for this week's fb posts and i came across this post which made me laugh, then made me think about how all of those guys have passed but Phebs. So many great dogs have come to live at SAINTS.

They speak

Posted: October 13, 2006 at 8:15 am

0630 am

Carol: everyone outside

Tyra, Michael, Pippa: ok, lets go

Jack and Wilbur: we are still sleeping

Cedric: no thx, i just pooped over there

Murphy: If youre not going out, Im not going out

Buddy and Sissy: it is too cold to leave the fire yet

Phoebe: ok, I really gotta go but there is a urine lake blocking my way

Carol: jump over it

Phoebe I might fall

Carol you will not

Phoebe: put down a big towel

Carol: here, ill put down some paper towels

Phoebe they are not strong enough

Carol:here is a #^%^&^%$#% big towel

Phoebe: thank you, now i can safely jump and could you hurry up and open the door please!