Rescue Journal

a quick blurb on the new guys

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2015

Mario has settled in like an old saints shirt. he is comfortable as a bed buddy and likes to sleep next to me..he is a super nice boy.

jerry lee Is adorable and he can at times be a wee beagley jerk beagles are special little souls and like a dry wine, are an acquired taste for sure. I have unfortunately acquired enough of the little pain in the butt buggers to love them so loving jerry lee is easy for me.

Cleopatra is sort of out and about in the medical room...she likes it under bijou's chair. I gave her a couple of towels for a bed under there but I guess I better put something nicer and more permanent under there for her.

me-su is much happier in the medical room and kiwi has started eating again with appetite stimulants so I am happy about that.

while getting control of her diabetes remains problematic, emotionally and spiritually, Harley is doing ok. she has made the transition to indoor living at saints like a champ. she loves the comfort factor, the frequent feedings, her very soft and always warm and dry bed and the catering to her comfort, wants and needs that we do so well here. she most definitely does tho have some very minor separation anxiety and is clearly much happier and content when I am at her side. we are becoming very good friends and she is slowly figuring out that she is ok even if I am out of sight because I am usually close by. takes a while to build up some dog's confidence and faith that they are ok, even when they are alone. she is learning that sleeping when I am busy or elsewhere is a good way to pass the time and right now her poor little sick body needs all the rest it can get to feel healthy again. I have finally decided on her breed mix..and while in her emaciation, she looks like a giant starved min pin..i do believe she is in fact a husky and pit mix. once she puts her weight back on, she is going to be beautiful.

new dog coming in tomorrow..tiny is a little fat cushings dog. we sent her out directly from the shelter into temporary trial foster with one of our volunteers for the weekend. this gave us some breathing space while dealing with medically needy newbies Harley and kiwi over a long weekend while I was working and I really appreciate this!