Rescue Journal

note to all..we are once again full. no more room at the inn until some go out as adoptions or fosters or heaven forbid...if we lose any to end of life.

Carol  ·  Apr. 8, 2015

the last of the new arrivals to squeak in this time around will be arriving here on Thursday and Friday this week.

this will make a full dozen new senior, sick or disabled animals that we have taken in during the past few weeks.

tomorrow arrives 'buster" he is a 5 yr old St Bernard cross coming from the shelter with serious mobility issues from spinal disease. apparently he is a very sweet and gentle boy who originally came in as a stray but was never reclaimed.

and the last one to come in is a senior poodle cross from a shelter up north where no one is really looking to adopt worn out seniors. she also came in as a stray and was pretty matted up. the shelter has shaved her down to help her be more comfortable and will pop her on a plane on Friday.

last pm another dog got herself in...she is a sweet little pug from surrey. SARC very kindly (again!!) did her needed surgery for mammary tumor removals and sent her us to recover. she will have her staples out in just over a week. she is very sweet. we are still working on a new name because we already have a couple of coco's and multiple coco's can get too confusing.

tiny is settling in very well...super sweet and happy little girl!!

kiwi is eating on her own today without an appetite stimulant so that is great news but we are still watching her carefully.