Rescue Journal

updates and sad news

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2015

buster is here..really sweet disabled dog. I took him for a short walk tonight when I got home and then settled him to bed again. everyone is going to fall in love with him! erin booked his first vet check for early next week.

SARC sent over coco's mammary tumor pathology that just came back...yay! it is cancer!

agnes and Harley had their vet rechecks...aggie has a bunch of medication adjustments. her skin is an ongoing issue and this will most likely never change. the goal is to keep her comfortable and so far that means periodically switching her med regime up again.

harley has gained 2 kg's since last week..her bloodsugars are down to the mid 20's but that is still too high. we have increased her insulin and will re-check again next week. she is starting to lose some vision and hopefully we can get her fully under control before she loses any more. she is happy tho...playing with toys and really happy to be with the folks here that she knows.

the very sad news today is Jamie lost her beloved foster ancient jedi..he has been battling cancer for a while and late last night he turned a sudden corner and needed to be assisted to pass. deepest condolences to Jamie and family for this great loss and greatest thanks for giving jedi (and yoda rip) a wonderful home and family for the last few years of their lives.

rest in peace jedi. you were a very good boy!



lynne arnason

oh jamie i know how much your heart hurts with each beloved family member you lose i am so sorry he was a lucky boy to have you as were you to have him big hugs to you


So very sorry for your loss Jamie. R.I.P Jedi. You were well loved.

laura b

The loss takes a big chunk out of your heart.....but you gave Jedi/Yoda the best ever home full of love.....hugs to you and your family


Jamie, your boys are running free, sniffing everything , and loving life. You gave them everything anyone could want, and I am so sorry for your loss but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving seniors completely and unconditionally


Oh Jamie, a big hug to you - I remember when Yoda and Jedi came to Saints- , and how wonderful for them to have been able to stay together and become part of your family. Jedi was a sweet boy....and yes, I'm sure they are together again now.... watching over you


So sorry, Jamie. Jedi was blessed to be part of your family. RIP little one.


I am so sorry to hear about Jedi, he was well loved and will be missed.