Rescue Journal

coco went home with tammy's parents today

Carol  ·  Apr. 12, 2015


coco is going to be really happy with them AND her new pug sister. coco lost her dad while still at the shelter, he was very ill and suddenly passed away. I am sure coco will be very happy to have a pug friend again.

so... with Colby and Mario's new home yesterday...that makes for 3 very happy saints in one single day!!! (don't anyone get too excited yet about possibly opening up to more admissions cuz we still are a little too full.)




Lucky Coco, Colby & Mario!! So great that they have such special homes.


Coco is doing quite well so far. Her and Oakley (her new pug sister) are great together and she doesn't seem to really acknowledge the existence of the cats, which is nice because they aren't too sure about this new alien that has entered their home. However neither cat has gone into hiding so I'm sure they will be fine once they realize she isn't a threat.