Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 24, 2015

babe ruth the new old wrecked cat is hanging in...he is very afraid and this makes us feel sad. but the good news is he is eating and drinking and this gives him time to settle himself and learn that he will only find kindness and caring here.

buster has made the move over to the house..he has fit in well with mika and crew.

jerry lee was moved over to the office, diesel was moved to where the visiting chi's were and the chi's have been moved across the room. this is all because jerry lee keeps trying to pick a fight with june and june has lost all patience with him. since jerry sucks with the cats and the birds..he needed his own removed and private space. sometimes we have to step in to save not so bright beagles from the stupid decisions they make.

new old wrecked dog coming...this is one who came on to my radar a few weeks ago that i agreed to take on as long as he was good with other dogs. he arrives after i get home from work today and i will update about him once he is here.



I had a visit with Jimmy last Sunday Johanna, and he was so sweet; sitting in my lap and having snuggles. He and Lizzy seem to be great pals - sometimes you have to look twice to tell them apart (except for Lizzy's tongue).


Thanks so much, Carol for keeping my Chis. I hope they have not been any trouble and I do want you to know how much I appreciate you and your wonderful staff and volunteers looking after them so well. The dogs are very flexible, so please just move them to any place which is convenient for you.

I'll be up to Saints next Tuesday morning, April 28th to pick them up.

Good luck with the fundraiser on Sunday. I'm sure it will be a huge success.

All the best and thank you again.

PS I hope all went well with Jimmy. We're starting his maintenance Gabapentin when I get back