Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2015

yesterday Harley, Caesar and Buster all joined the barn crew and they had a blast. not sure how Caesar is moving this morning because I haven't gotten him up yet but buster is pretty darn stiff and sore...looks like I let him stay out there having fun for too long.

babe ruth is still upset but I am trying to go and visit with him as much as I can. this old wrecked cat breaks my heart because you can read his difficult life in every inch of his body and deep in his eyes. he was involved in rescue back in 2001, probably fairly young in life and here he is in 2015 right back to needing rescuing and looking like those 14 years in between were not all that kind.

some beings just never seem to catch a break from the difficult challenges in living. but babe is a survivor, that is for sure. he will survive this transition and hopefully feel safe and loved for the last part of his long life journey..hope floats for babe.

I wanted to thank mo, lynne and caity for the great job they did in cleaning up the deadfall wood in the lower field. mo thinks they still have another day or so to work so please if anyone can help them..many hands make much lighter work.

Jamie had her first run with helping at bedtime...I think maybe her head was spinning from all the info I tossed at her but she was a big help. bedtime around here is initially an overwhelming undertaking, but once you do it and get comfortable with the routine, it really does flow together peacefully. those of us that do it, enjoy is a special time of the day in getting everyone safely and comfortably settled for the night. still looking for more folks to join our weekend bedtime ranks.