An Amazing Race Cuz we RAISED $14,824!!!

Sheila  ·  Apr. 27, 2015

Team House

TEAM SHEP raised $5,868.00 And Kudos go to Volunteer Brenda who raised $2,000. You are now Shep's favorite person Brenda!

Team MP Room

TEAM HOPE raised $5,148 "And that is what you get when you never give up hope"... says Hope

TEAM (We'll Get 'Em Next Year) DOC raised a still impressive $3,808 "And that is what you get for being so overly confident"... says Hope.

I want to thank all the volunteers and very generous donors for making this event always so successful!
For those that would like to have a breakdown of the revenue it is as follows...

Amazing Raise Donations - $12,402
Silent Auction $1,452
Ticket Sales (NET) $970



Fantastic! It's pretty great, the things that can happen when everyone gets together and works for an important cause.

Such a great team!

laura b

WOW........looks like everyone was a winner!!!! Awesome job Shelia :-)


Just want to say I have some amazing animal loving friends who donated very generously this year, and I'm so grateful to them. Makes me very happy and teary....