Rescue Journal

sorry on not posting...

Carol  ·  Apr. 30, 2015

a cold and double whammy earaches are laying me low.

not much news...douglas college vet assistants had their tour thru saints today. looks like they enjoyed it.

new feline leukemia cat in..just recently diagnosed. for now he is confined in a cage for a few weeks until we re-test. his name is bud, he is a young and sweet little guy.

Harley had her vet check...arghh..her blood sugars are still too high so we are increasing her insulin dose again. the vet said part of the problem is the weight she is putting back on each week..she has gained 10 pounds since arrival a month ago and she still needs another 10 pounds more. as she gains weight, her insulin needs increase to deal with the added calories. we might not get her stabilized until her weight hits normal again, the vet also agrees with me that we can realistically expect her to continue to lose what little vision she has left during this process, Harley will most likely be fully blind by the time we get her diabetes fully under control. too sad but better blind than dead.

luckily Harley is dealing with the ongoing vision loss like a true champ.

ok..that's all I can handle, I am returning to my feeling like crap pity party.



I hope you are feeling better on your special day!! Happy Birthday, sis!!! <3


lol..not to worry...all will be well, plus I owe you a few times anyway!


Carol-pls don't hate me I won't be there for barn bedtime sat or sun:(. I will make it up to you! Hope ur feeling better!!

Carol A.

sorry you are not well. maybe try hot lemon and honey. and a couple aspirins as my mom used to tell us.


So sorry you feel like $hit... Hope it wasn't from me :(. How's Emily's foot/leg? Feel better soon!