Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 3, 2015

yes I am still somewhat alive and yes I am still sick. the good news is so far no secondary infection, just a really nasty virus beating the crap out of me. whatever.

no real news to pass on..i pretty much disappear from here as soon as I can make myself move and go sleep at the cabin until I have to come back to do something. I honestly can't stand the noise when there are people hurts my ears so I go away until I know it will be quiet.

last nights barn bedtime was a bit of a challenge but the animals were good and cooperative and we have lots of gates to hang on while getting back ones breath after a coughing fit. but this just reinforces the need for me to get more volunteers trained for weekend has a habit of screwing up certain routines esp. if there are only a couple of folks who know that routine.

babe ruth is still looking upset but last night I thought I saw a glimmer of hopefulness..or maybe it was just my watering eyes.

bud the new felv guy is a sweetie..but he is unneutered so I am slightly thankful my sinus's are so plugged because I could still smell a reduced unpleasant odor that accompanies intact toms.

I have no idea what was up with Cleopatra last night...she kept following me, sitting down in front of me and staring directly into my eyes. she wanted something but this foggy brain is not receiving cat telepathy very well. I tried different foods, different treats, petting her, fixing her bed..all of the obvious things..none of them satisfied her and finally I just had to tell her I was sorry..maybe try again tomorrow..maybe then my brain can receive messages. alas, tomorrow is here and I don't feel any less foggy...maybe one of the volunteers can hear what she needs.

anyway..that's all I can think of..if anyone wants specific updates on any of our guys..please post in the comments and I will update as best I can.



yikes! I hope you feel better fast! being ill with all that responsibility is NOT fun.


I will come up next Saturday to be trained in barn bedtime Carol. Let me know if that works. I moved everything in the MP room yesterday trying to find the mystery smell whereabouts, cleaned under every moveable thing....never even thought it could be Buddy....well least the room got a good clean :)