Rescue Journal

more updates

Carol  ·  May 5, 2015

logan survived his surgery. he is now home to recover. the vet is afraid that the abcess may return...we will have to wait and see. bunny abcesses are a totally different kettle of fish than other species abcesses. in the meantime he is also on antibiotics.

ceasar had his vet check..the large tumor growing from his upper leg/chest is pretty worrisome as are the smaller tumors in his mouth. the clinic took blood, we will see what it says before we make any surgical decisions.

phoebe goes in tomorrow for a cysto spec. collection. renee took in a free catch sample today and it looks like she is starting another urinary tract infection..we will do the cysto to be sure before we start her on more abx's.

thunder storm this afternoon...totally freaked out the dogs and because I had to turn up the tv volumes high enough to drown out the storm, the noise level messed with my whonky ears again. now I feel dizzy and nauseaus.




Glad to hear our Logan did well.. we will pray it does not return.. Did the dr say how and why he got it in the first place Carol? Poor Sweetie. Are you giving him Medicam for pain as well as Antibiotics? Are you needing to clean and dress it ? Is there anything the staff and volunteers can do to help him through this