Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 14, 2015

Harley is up a total of 14 pounds since admission..the vet said another 5 pounds to go and then we can start to level her out. she had another increase in her insulin dose, she is on 16 u now. this whole stabilizing of a previously uncontrolled diabetic is a bit of a process.... lots of patience, lots of vet visits but eventually we will get there...I hope.

annie our senior sheep is still getting iv fluids and twice daily vet visits...she is eating a tiny bit..she seems to like spring greens but still is not drinking. she still has intermittent vaginal bleeding. I am thinking it is most likely an underlying cancer bringing her down....hope I am wrong. the vets are planning on doing an ultrasound.

renee is losing her sweet senior foster chico today..he has been struggling with health issues for the last couple of months. wishes for peaceful passing of chico and big hugs to renee who loves him so much.