Rescue Journal

we lost 2 of our saints today

Carol  ·  May 14, 2015


chico was in foster care with renee and passed from this life surrounded by love and tears.


and as tina left this world, she took my heart with her.

as I was driving into maple ridge with tina curled up in a soft bed beside me, I was stroking her gently, running her whisper like hair between my fingers and I was thinking of the 2000 days and nights that I have loved touching her. I am sure renee was thinking similar thoughts on her final car ride with chico.

and I realized that for those of us at saints that love, that care, that accept our hearts being broken, over and over again, that we speak with our hearts thru our hands.

our eyes see and our hearts feel the needs before us, but it is our hands that do something about meeting those needs.

every animal here places their weary hearts and souls in our hands. they entrust the preciousness of their beings in our hands and we care for them, we love them, we protect them, we cherish them. our hands becomes their womb, their nest, their home, their fortress to withstand the storms outside.

our hands tell them the honest to god truth that they are loved by our gentleness, by our caring, by our strength to keep holding on.

eyes can turn away or become blinded, hearts can become hardened or entrapped in illusion, voices can spin wonderous fairy tales, but hands speak the truth every day.

hands work, hands hold, hands provide, hands comfort and sooth.

hands surround tiny, frail and ancient bodies like tina's. hands cupped the fragile spark of her spirit and held her gently protecting her from the storms of helplessness outside.

and for the moments or months or years that each of us held her, and chico and all of the others...their spirits burned bright.

rest in peace chico. rest in peace tina...all of us are mourning the loss of your light.


Carol A.

there are no words adequate t share my heartfelt sympathy, Carol. no words. so i send love and hugs even knowing how inadequate they are it is all I have.

your post today is so completely true. each little life takes a part of you with them saving those pieces with them in heaven until you are joined together again.
love to you and renee

Lenore Henry

Such a very touching and heartfelt post Carol - thinking of you, Renee and everyone at SAINTS who care for all the gentle souls in peace little ones.


Aww, I'm going to miss that little powerhouse packed into a teeny tiny body. I'm sorry guys.

laura b

Renee sorry for the loss of your friend Chico....
Our little miss tough Tina.... always made sure she was heard and never missed at feeding time......what a huge will be very over your cuddle buddy Andy


Your post brought me to tears, Carol. When I first decided to volunteer at SAINTS I read as many of the blogs as I could to become familiar with some of the animals before I started and the one I was most excited about meeting was Tina. The day Victoria and I came for our tour she was laying on a pillow on the bed and I just had to pick her up and cuddle with her and I'm glad I got the chance to cuddle with her many more times since then. I'm going to miss the sweet little girl .


One itsy bitsy little dog..who came to SAINTS needing a safe spot to land..and found a way into hearts that will feel her loss for a long time.

I am so lucky to have loved her determined little soul..I will miss her so much.


What a beautiful post, Carol. And a sad one. Run free Chico & Tina - you will be missed so much. So sorry Renee & Carol, and everyone else who loved these little souls.