Rescue Journal

the big cheese...

Carol  ·  May 17, 2015

is me. and yet you would probably be surprised at how many things said to have saints support, association or involvement is totally news to me.

sometimes there is a somewhat loose connection like one of our volunteers giving food to someone, or loaning them equipment for something or even offering advice and suddenly the perception is..saints is involved.

the bottom line tho is if I know nothing about it, saints knows nothing about it.

our staff and volunteers are free to act independently of saints in their private lives. I assume that anything that involves saints be it our animals, our donations, our food, our supplies, our equipment, our policies, our procedures, our support or short our actual presence... our work... is brought to me as something from saints before being shared out willy nilly in the big wide world.

it is not that I am a control freak but my job is to protect saints. and the truth of the matter is, I have been around the block far more than most others. I can see around corners, and I can see where we do not want to go. and while I understand and value the pure hearted innocence of others...thank god I lost my pure hearted innocence a long time ago.

if I did not say it is ok as part of the work of is a very good bet that it is not ok.