Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 18, 2015

annie is completely off her food and she is dehydrated again...yesterday she barely ate or drank a mouthful. I will call the vets and see if the on call vet can see her today. poor annie.

there were quite a few folks on the tour was great meeting some super nice folks!

big thx michelle and chris for covering barn bedtime so I could celebrate my belated birthday/mothers day with my family.

and a huge thx to everyone who looked after our saints this long holiday weekend!!

I know everyone likes the beautiful weather but I was really hoping for a bit of rain to jumpstart the upper field now that the beginning of the repair process is complete...I can work on it as much as I want but the grass will not re-grow without some rain. I hope I didn't get to it too late this year.

Collin and Mario went back to their foster home yesterday, jenn and jiv are home from vacation....ahhh, the bed feels a little bit less full.

well I better get myself into work...sigh, I would rather go back to bed.


Carol A.

I hoping the vets can help Annie. she surely cannot be feeling well.